Where You Work

Presents organizational and historical information about where you work and explores the uniqueness of the local community.
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CSP Service Area 7 Competencies
Met by demonstrating knowledge, skill, or ability to
Training Classes
Leadershiprelate to the pressures of leadership and the importance of follower support
recognize the chain of command
know your organization’s vision and mission
adapt leadership styles as needed to accomplish tasks and build relationships
know the boundaries of your empowerment
Be Prepared to Lead
CBL - Leadership Development: Delegation
CBL - Leadership Development: Motivation
Ethics: Do the Right Thing
Leadership Style Inventory
Managing Change: Critical Skills for Managers/Supervisors
Managing Change: Critical Skills for Non-Supervisory Staff
(*)Positive Start
Right-Brained Problem Solving
The Supervisor's Apprenticeship: Skills for Rising Leaders
Organizational Knowledge, Goals, and Valuesexplain how the County Commission goals relate to your job
recognize the scope and structure of your organization
identify emerging trends in Broward County Government
recognize the chain of command
know your organization’s vision and mission
Broward Academy
Broward County: All About Us
Elephants CAN Dance in Broward County
Employee Essentials
(*)Positive Start
Technical Knowledge, Policies, and Proceduresexplain how and why budget decisions are made
process internal control procedures confidently
distinguish appropriate from inappropriate e-mail usage
create harmony at work
take the appropriate personnel actions for assessment, counseling, and referral for treatment and rehabilitation
Employment Issues: (New Hire)
Employment Issues: (Refresher)
(*)Positive Start
RLI/SC Process

CSP Service Area 7 Competencies
Met by submitting written documentation
Sample Resources (and Sources of Information)
Leisure Awarenessidentify the importance of leisure attractions to the community and
plan a two-day leisure agenda for a family of four and explain your activity choices
Sense of Communityidentify 3 key historical facts related to Broward County and
describe a historical location and its role in Broward County's history
Service Familiarityidentify 3 key services provided by Broward County and
summarize how each benefits the customer and the community
At Your Service
(*) This course is only eligible for one competency per Service Area.