How do I access my transcripts?

Your first step is to go to the BC-Net.  Once on the BC-Net, click on the Learning Center.  Next, click on Training Transcripts.  Enter your information and click on OK.  Your Training Transcript will show the status for each class you have enrolled.  Classes that have a finished status may be eligible for credit.  Copy your transcript and attach it to an email and send to CSPProgram@broward.org.

How long does one have to complete the program?

There is no time limit set for completing the program. You may work at your own pace and submit new training courses whenever you’ve completed them by emailing your updated transcript to the CSP mailbox at CSPProgram@broward.org It is recommended that you complete the program within one year.

Do college courses count towards CSP credit?

Yes. You may apply any college courses that meet with the requirements listed under the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the second column of the current Service Area tables. The course must have been taken within the last five years and a transcript or certificate of completion must accompany your submission. Also include a course description if the course is not listed on the website tables. The courses that you see on the website have already been evaluated and approved to receive credit. If your course is not listed but you feel it meets with the competency requirements submit a course description for evaluation.

How do I get credit for in-house training?

If the course you completed is listed on your transcript, simply email your transcript to the CSP mailbox at CSPProgram@broward.org. If it is not listed on your transcript, have your supervisor email the CSP mailbox to verify completion or attach any documentation you received showing the course as complete.  For any in-house training not listed on the CSP website you are required to email class objectives and/or summary to the CSP mailbox to determine appropriate competencies covered.

How many training courses and how many life/work experience submissions am I allowed?

To complete a Service Area you must complete 5 competencies in each. Within those 5 competencies you may have up to a maximum of 3 (EX) life/work experiences  applied. No more than 3 (EX) for any Service Area. If you do not wish to apply (EX) to any of the competencies and would rather submit training courses you may submit all 5 competencies as (TR) training. Or you may do a split of 2 (TR) and 3 (EX), or 3 (TR) and 2 (EX), or 4 (TR) and 1 (EX). It’s your choice.

If I wanted to submit (EX) life/work experience, what is necessary?

For life/work experience you need to make sure that it meets with the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed on the second column of each Service Area table. If it parallels any of those listed, then you need to type an essay of at least 200 words explaining your accomplishments and how it meets the competency requirements. Please email the CSP mailbox at CSPProgram@broward.org and include the following information in the subject line: Service Area # and competency the essay is written for.  Attach the essay as well as any letters of commendation, thank you letters or evaluations that confirm your competency selection. (Note: only 3 experiences maximum allowed for submission per Service Area.)

Can SUNsational Service® apply to any of the competencies?

No. SUNsational Service® is a pre-requisite for the CSP Program.

Can a multiple session class, like Positive Start, satisfy multiple CSP competencies?

There are several Broward County series courses, all identified with an (*) on the website tables that qualify for more than one Service Area.  Although the course may qualify for multiple competencies within a Service Area, it may only count for credit under one competency per Service Area.

How much does the program cost?

There is no cost to Broward County employees for the CSP program certification process. But please be aware that although the actual certification process we provide is free of charge to Broward County employees, courses that you take to meet this certification at local educational facilities, for example, local colleges, or adult and continuing educational facilities and high schools, etc. do charge for their courses. You will be responsible for all those charges as they are independent of the CSP program certification process. Charges may apply for non-Broward County employees. Contact us at CSPProgram@broward.org to see if your organization is participating in the program, which will affect costs to the individual.

Why can’t I make changes to my Competencies Worksheet on my Personal Page?

The competencies worksheet located on your Personal Page can only be updated by the Program Administrator after courses are approved.

I had a problem logging in after submitting my application. What can I do?

Your e-mail address and password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as created (i.e., upper and lower case letters). If you forgot your password, use the password recovery page and it will generate an e-mail back to you with a temporary password that will allow you access into your Personal Page. Once in your Personal Page you may change the password. If you still experience problems, please e-mail us for help at CSPProgram@broward.org.

How can I keep track of my progress?

You can track your progress 24 hours a day. Log on to the website www.cspbroward.com and access your Personal Page by inputting your e-mail address and password. Once in your Personal Page look at the top right hand corner and click on the Competencies Worksheet link. This Personal Competencies Worksheet will be updated as your materials are processed. You will not be able to make any changes to this page. It is updated by the Program Administrator and is set up for viewing purposes only.